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What is a trademark registration? What does a trademark registration do? Why is a trademark registration required?

The brand is one of the most important non-material rights besides immovable assets that an operator possesses. It is the sign with the power of representation that expresses all the values of the operator. This mark must be legally protected and must be certified and certified.

What can I register?

You may register your trademarks which meet the criteria of the Turkish Patent Institute and have other qualifying characteristics. The trademarks are registered or rejected after your trademark applications are examined. This will prevent your companies in the market from being damaged. The rights of your companies are protected. Unfair competition is prevented.

What are the documents required for a trademark registration application?

If the Brand is an Applicant Legal Entity (company, institution etc.)

Operating certificate
Tax stamp
If there is a power of attorney
Trademark example (logo, sign etc.)
If the trademark applicant is a real person:

T. C. identification number
If there is a Power of Attorney
Brand example

What is the price of trademark registration?

Trademark registration costs vary depending on the scope of goods and services requested. You can forward your information about brand operations and receive online quotes.

Will I pay a fee each year after I have registered my mark?

The protection period of the registered mark is 10 years from the date of registration. You do not pay a fee for each year. In the tenth year of the trademark registration, the marking has to be renewed and a renewal fee is paid. Renewal can be made every ten years with a renewal fee. The fees are renewed every year by the Turkish Patent Institute.

What should I pay attention to when creating a brand?

1) Before the brand selection, the Turkish Patent Institute should conduct a research by means of a trademark representative. So you can find out whether your brand name you want to create is in use or not.

2) If the export is being done or is to be done, the same method should be followed in the related country (s) and the patent office of the relevant country should be investigated and the trademark should be registered before entering the market.

3) The words indicating the names and qualifications of the products and services can not be selected and selected as brands. (Grocer, butcher, etc.)

4) Marks that will cause confusion with someone else’s trademark should not be chosen as trademarks.

5) Name or surname must not be selected as brand. Because, after you promote your brand by making large investments, there is a danger that the competitor who has the same first name or surname can benefit from your brand’s reputation, citing the use of his or her first name or surname. When going to court, it is not possible to predict which way the court will decide in such a case. In other words, our country did not sit in this court practice.

6) You should choose to have a unique logosphere to strengthen your discrimination power. So you can claim that your brand is different if you enter into a legal process with another brand.

7) You must also register your trademark, even if you are registered with your business title and / or business name. The trade name introduces the merchant. In other words, the trade name introduces the firm. If it is a business name, it introduces the business. However, the brand introduces products and services. In sum, the three concepts mentioned are different from each other and their legal consequences are not the same.

8) Do not forget to get the same domain name as your mark. Otherwise you will be faced with the rape of malevolent people and thus have to spend money, labor and time in such dispute settlement centers in court or internationally.

What is the scope of protection of my registered trademark?

Trademarks are valid only in the countries where they are registered. Naturally, a trademark registered in Turkey received your protection is valid only in Turkey, including customs borders. In other countries, it is necessary to apply to the relevant countries for registration.

What are the legal sanctions for trademark registration?

Legal sanctions may be imposed if there are similar counterfeit products that are registered in the sector. These legal sanctions are explained as follows: very serious legal sanctions such as seizure of products and seizure, closure of workplace, imprisonment of workplace owner.


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