Patent Research
Preliminary research before or during the application of a patent / utility model ensures that the subject of the invention has knowledge of whether or not the invention has received patent protection elsewhere in the world. Thus, the application for a previously developed invention and the possible waste of time are avoided. You also have the opportunity to follow the latest technology and competitors in the world by accessing patents related to your business area through patent research.

It is advisable for applicants to conduct a preliminary inquiry on the subject matter of the invention before it is officially available for patent application. Because it is necessary to apply for a patent to be new. Finding that a patent application is filed officially before or without conducting a preliminary investigation, and then finding out that the invention is not new can lead to time and cost losses.

Another important advantage of the patent search is that the inventor can make the necessary arrangements in his invention based on the documents that he reports and can thus even overcome similar inventions. Otherwise, if similar documents are encountered after the application is made, the inventor will have to give up all similarities in this document and the area of ​​the invention will gradually narrow.