Design Monitoring

The emerging stories of packaging, model, pattern, spare parts designs that affect throwing behavior are difficult and labor-demanding processes. Especially in sectors such as textiles, furniture, machinery and food, it is not enough to protect your designs that emphasize product visuality with registration and you must absolutely follow your designs.

What is Design Monitoring?
“Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority” does not subject to the similarity evaluation of the applications applied for in the registry application, it publishes it in the Bulletin of Designs. Design Monitoring; monthly news bulletins, notification of the similarity of the detected similarities, objection to similar designs if you are instructed.

What does Design Monitoring bring you?
1. The cost barrier that can be incurred for the cancellation of an unobjective imitation design in the newsletter phase.
2. ‘Design Monitoring’ service and the applications made about your sector are regularly reported.
3. You will follow the new trends related to your sector thanks to the reports to be presented.

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