The trademarks applied to the Turkish Patent Institute are announced in the monthly Trademark Bulletins which are published monthly to be registered. Marks announced in newsletters are suspended for 2 months. In the follow-up of the brand, studies are being made to compare the brands declared in the bulletins in the name of the brand owner in terms of similarity with the registered trademarks and to prevent the registration of similar brands.

It is not possible to evaluate each of the applied trademark, trademarked individual with registered trademark and the like of the brand because of the continuous follow-up difficulties of the monthly announcement system and bulletins. The registration of the applied trademark will be effected if no appeal is filed against similar or similar similar trademarks which are announced in the monthly official brand newsletter. This means the victimization of real rights holders. is a system developed to protect rights by appealing to similar brands that have the right to receive brand monitoring services on time.