Well-known Trademark

Well-known Trademark as a result of the law numbered 556, there is no clear description of the recognized trademark in the decree of the provision of the law on the protection of marks and in international contracts.

A well-known brand is a trademark that is refused by the people in the same circulation regardless of geographical border, culture, age difference without discrimination of customers, relatives, friends, enemies depending on a common distribution system, a connotation emerging in the form of “. Vestel, McDonald’s, Marlboro, IKEA, Armani are just a few examples. At the same time, trademarks which are recognized as social and sectoral at the same time and which are high in reputation, need to be protected by trademark law against malicious uses that may damage brand reputation and distinctive power. Thanks to our trademark law and our expert team, we are obstructing the unauthorized use or exploitation of your well-known brand, which is created with great labor and investments, as BG Brand Patent.

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