TURQUALITY® is the world’s first state-sponsored branding program.

TURQUALITY® Ministry of Economy said that our firms with product groups that have the competitive advantage of our country and have the potential of branding can become a global player with their own brands in international markets by providing managerial knowledge, institutionalization and development, covering all processes from production to marketing, is the first and only state-sponsored branding program established to create and place a positive image of Turkish goods through brands. ”

Turquality program, companies; expenses related to patent, utility model, industrial design and trademark registration, expenses for purchasing environment and quality certificate, expenses for fashion / industrial product designer, cook and chef employment (for firms operating in the gastronomic sector), promotion, advertising and marketing activities, The expenditures for rent and basic installation expenses, consultancy (strategy, operation, organization, technology) expenses, information and information management related to the units are supported for fifty percent for five years. At the end of five years, the brands in the scope are subject to performance audit, and the level of performance is supported for an additional five years with brands above the required level. As of January 2018, including the brand face in Turkey it has more than sixty Turquality support programs.

As BG Brand Patent, we are at your side in all stages of preliminary evaluation of your company, analysis work, purchase of necessary action to eliminate deficiencies, application to the required automation system and follow-up.

TURQUALITY®, which defines the vision as “creating 10 world brands in 10 years”, aims to support it within the framework of the support platform created by identifying the companies with potential for brand creation.

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