What is a Design Register?
The new system is called the system design registration system, which has not been previously shared with the public and has been developed so that the right to use designs with distinctive features can belong to the design owner. Design registration is the process that is done so that this right can be obtained by the design owner.
Not every design is subject to registration process. For example, designs that violate public morality that are contrary to general morality are not registered. At the same time, it is not protected by a non-new or compulsory technical registration certificate which does not have a distinctive distinguishing feature.
The distinctive feature sought in design can be in design, color, texture, general appearance, lines.
Where to Apply Design Registration Application?
Design registration procedures in our country are carried out by Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority. The applications are therefore made to the Authority.
Registration carried out by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Authority is valid only in our country. If protection is required in a different country, it is necessary to apply to the institution having the registration authority in accordance with the procedure of that country