Brand Management

While the concept of branding in our country is getting more and more important, one of the biggest factors in consumer decision of choice is today’s brand. Turkish firms that have grown based on intrepid have started to take their place with strong brands in global market.

Patent Management

The solution of a specific problem in the field of technology & quot; invention & quot; and this concept forms the basis of patent law.
If you are the inventor, the monopoly right granted to you by a third party for a limited time and place, by preventing unauthorized use, production, sale or breach is called a patent right.


The design right is an industrial property right that protects the appearance rights of the products. Many consumers are making purchasing decisions in addition to their ease of use and design, and even in some cases the visual appeal of the product goes beyond its ease of use. For this reason, unique designs with high commercial success are often imitated. In order to prevent imitations, you have to protect your aesthetic designs with Industrial Design Authority.

Special Services

  • Geographical Indication
  • Teknoprofil
  • Global Brand Protection
  • Well-known Brand Application
  • Turquality
  • Consultancy

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