Brand Consulting

Our brand is a counseling heritage created by the right brand name, right research, strategy and concepts. Every brand is going to be a reminder, to be recognized, to be the focus and first choice of customers. So whatever you do, finding a good brand name is one of the most important elements of branding. (You can get detailed information about brand names.)

New Branding Consultancy

Today, whether it is producing goods or services; all companies, institutions and organizations are known by their brands. Famous, well-known brands are also known for their names, then emblems or logos. Regardless of the work being undertaken, if a brand is to be created, it is imperative to have a name that evokes the product, that is well thought out, that fits both the product / service and the character, that is appealing to the targeted kitten’s ear.
We are at your side as BG Trademark for resolving many strategic issues, such as brand name, logo, corporate identity, web design, for those who want to make a good and ambitious start, who want to be sure of their target mass and who think more active awareness and market share at lower budget.

Brand Registration Management Consultancy

Your brand, which has been adopted by everyone and placed in the marketplace, can cause not only brand but also creator and his team to face material and moral damages with the emergence of unprecedented legal problems. So, no matter how much you adopt, the legitimacy of your brand name is investigated by our experts and presented to you with various risk and analysis reports on whether or not they are dangerous. Again, after your brand’s awareness has increased, we are investigating whether similar trademark registrations and uses are in the hands of others and initiating a legal process where necessary. 360 Degree Protection Service BG Brand Patent for you!